Saturday, April 23, 2011

April 23

The never ending laundry for family of 5 :) 
Bear with me - I will be working backward to get caught up to Feb's pictures, but keep in mind - I missed a few days here and there. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Dating photos

I am dating the photos today --  I am hoping to get it all caught up by the end of the week - with the copyrighting the photos and getting them uploaded! :)

Sheesh.... Lack of posting pictures.. :(

Sheesh, April is here already and I haven't posted anything since Feb? Don't fear. I have been taking pictures here and there, but just not everyday like I should be.   The house projects is finally dying down. We have one big project left, but we probably won't tackle that until this weekend, I believe. Today I am kinda recovering from our crazy week - we completed 2 full size room in less than 8 days, that involved moving stuff out of the room, getting the room done, new carpet installed, installing new things, then move things back in!  Now I can say we have the spare room aka tv room done and the master bedroom will be done as tomorrow (just waiting on new carpet and new closet doors then it is done.)

I will try to get the pictures up soon!!