Monday, May 30, 2011

Photo Sunday - Up

Want to go to Photo Sunday website to see their challenges?  Click {HERE}.

May 2011 Photo Hunt Challenges

I missed the sign up for the May 2011 Photo Hunt Challenge, but that's okay! It was REALLY interesting to do this. This was my first time doing the photo hunt challenge. Let's say it makes you think outside of the box for most of the part! However, I didn't complete the entire list as I forgot to set my reminder for it. However, I still have today and tomorrow to finish the remaining list. 

The list were (and I have included my photo under the certain request)





(I couldn't decide on which one - so I am posting both - you choose :) ) 

Wet (not SO original idea, but I couldn't think of something! LOL!) 


A Spring Activity 

Reading Material 

One Line Perspective Line 
(this is one thing I'm struggling with right now, LOL!) 

Something Juicy

Photos - slacking off a bit. :(

I've been slacking on and off about taking photos everyday - but there are pictures here and there. I will just post what I can.  Now that we are done with our house major make-over and it is on the market, that I should be able to kick back a bit and get back into my photography and scrapbooking.    Things are picking up around here with activities (especially sports!).  I can't promise that I will get all the photos up right away, but I will EVENTUALLY get them posted. :) Now that I'm signing up for a few photo challenges. Let's see if that will kick me in gear and be more diligent about posting them!   If you'd like to be added into the blogroll - please leave a comment and I'll get you added. I'd appreciate any positive and negative feedbacks. I'm looking to work on my skills ( I'm FAR from being good at this, but I do the best with what I have! :) )